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Unstoppable: Peaceful Warrior

4 consecutive days na 3 hours lang tulog = ALL WORTH IT

a week before sectorcon, I asked myself:
"Lord, keri pa kaya? push ko pa ba to?"

He respond back by providing 4 people that are willing to dance for Him.
sabi ko: “push ko to! Hanggat may isang willing magserve, gora! Kahit konti lang, gora!”

4 days before sectorcon, I attended worship before kami magpractice same date that we got the news na 10 daw ang minimum pax dapat:

He then gave additional 3 people na sasayaw sa sectorcon.
sabi ko: “wow Lord, thanks po. Woo. We only have 4 days to practice and may mga dapat pa kaming gawin but I know and I believe matatapos namin to. This is all for YOU.” (that time di pa tapos ang sayaw)

Night before sectorcon:

He provide 4 more dancers.
sabi ko: GRABE LORD! Sobra sobra na po, thank You! Bless mo po ‘tong ng batang to.

Nakakaiyak lang nun :”) sobrang nakakatuwa kasi kahit wala kang tulog , mafifeel mo lang talaga yung dedication nila and nakakakilig na nakakainspire lang talaga. Di ko inimagine na magiging ganun. Di ko siya ma-explain :D basta Lord, THANK YOU.

Thanks for making me an instrument, Lord. <3
No longer I, but Christ in me.

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"Don’t you stop. Don’t you dare give up. Not even for a moment. Even through the worst of times you can feel Him. Do not stop yourself. Help is always there. Comfort is always there. Christ is always there. Not ever will He leave. Not once. Not even for a second. Turn to Him. Trust. Listen. Keep going always. And receive the best ever created for you. You can do this. And it will be greater than you ever could have imagined for yourself. And you will look back and be blown away and left speechless with the direction your life has gone in."
-Al Fox (Promised & Committed)

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